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Statistics and Research Methods

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Trying to understand these two correlations using the Pearson r.
How do i interrupt the relationships

1)Just World and Locus of control
p-value=.210 (Sig. 2-tailed)

2)Just world and Authoritarianism

3)Locus of Control and Authoritarianism

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    Actually three correlations...

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    Here are a few hints:

    The Pearson r is the correlation coefficient and is a measure of correlation, which can be positive or negative. The closer the correlation is to 0, the weaker it is. The closer to +1 or -1, the stronger it is. If you have a correlation of +1 or -1, then this is considered a perfect positive or negative correlation.

    You have two negative (-) correlations and one positive (+) correlation. With negative correlations, when one variable goes up (increases), the other goes down (decreases). With positive correlations, the variables go up or down together.

    I hope this helps.

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