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1. Puerto Ricans experienced which of the following when they migrated to the United States from Puerto Rico in the 1950s?

Deportation as undocumented aliens

Family friction and a reversal in traditional sex roles

A middle-class lifestyle in the barrio

Downward social mobility from middle-class respectability to grinding poverty

All of these

i think its family friction and role reversal

How did ordinary Americans in January 1968 feel about continued U.S. involvement in the war in Vietnam?

a. Most believed that the war was immoral and that the United States should withdraw immediately.
b. They generally believed that the government should be conducting the war more vigorously and should commit more American ground troops.
c. They were generally supportive or ambivalent, wanting to get out but not wanting to give up.
d They wanted the United States to win but not to endanger American soldiers, so they supported use of tactical nuclear weapons.
e.They did not care because the economy was good and Vietnam was far away.
i think its either a or c

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    I don't know about the first one; double check your book.

    The second question is ambivalent. What is meant by "ordinary" Americans? Is January 1968 important?

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    yea my book didn't really say much on the first topic

    i don't know that's why I was confused

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    Although I was in favor of A, probably the majority of people favored D.

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