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Using data from past years, the economists for smith brothers inc determined that the revenue f the company can be modeled by the function R(x)=0.0125x^2+412x. In addition, the function C(x)=12225+0.00135x^2 models the total cost of doing business, where x us v the number of customers patronizing the business in both functions.
A) how many customers just there be for ssmithmith bros inc to realize am annual profit of $60000?

I have no idea how to do modeling Function

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    what do you mean by "do" the function? They gave it to you.

    Surely you know that profit = revenue-cost, and they gave you both of those, so

    P(x) = R(x)-C(x)
    = 0.0125x^2+412x - (12225+0.00135x^2)
    = 0.01115x^2 + 412x - 12225

    So when does P(x)=60000? when x=174.48

    so, they need 175 customers to make at least 60,000 profit.

    See? Not so complicated, once you get past all the words.

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