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During the lecture at Florida state, the audience of scientist was curious about how the guest speaker would treat the topic of life on other planets
Q : what is the meaning of the word treat at is used in the sentence?

A : To pay another persons expenses
B : to deal with a topic in speech or writing
C : a gift that offers delight or amusement
D : to care for or dealwith medically

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    As Writeacher told you, I gave you the first answer. Now it's your turn.

    I'll be glad to check your answer.

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    i pic B ?

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    The answer is B you can tell from the context clues since the sentence refers to a scientist that would be a guest speaker. From this you can deduce that this person is going to do a sort of lecture which usually involves speech and writing.

    Reasons why other answers are wrong:

    A) The sentence doesn't refer to anyone wishing to pay for something, just that a guest speaker is coming and the audience is wondering how the person will approach or speak about the project.

    C) Again there's nothing that refers to the speaker actually going to purchase something this answer is incorrect.

    D) No one is mentioned to be sick within the audience or ill or even hurt so the speaker wouldn't deal with it medically. Besides, he can't treat the topic of planets medically.

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    Right. Excellent explanation, Riley.

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    tHanks everone (:

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