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conjugue les verbes a limparfait ou au passé compose

guillame,quatorze ans,se rapelle son long sejour a l'hopital, quand il receivait la visite des animatuers de docteur clown,La premiere fois, j'ai cru(croire) qu'ils ______ (venir) d'une autre planete!
J'____ (penser) que c' ___ (etre)a cause de ma maladie
ok so I think the 1ST space is quils vu then je ai pu then c' ?


    last space I think its que cete?


    I'll send this to our French expert, SraJMcGin.


    First of all proper punctuation would be appreciated, including necessary accents, capital letters, etc. Otherwise it is almost impossible for me to read it!

    What is your choice for venir? I think you thought it was voir (to see?) but it is the verb "to come." "they were coming = venaient or they did come ils sont venus. Sometimes ONLY the speaker can say if the choice is Imperfect (was happening at that moment) or the Passé Composé (had already happened).

    With penser, "I was thinking" = Je pensais OR "I thought/thought completed" = j'ai pensé que c'était (it was)

    Sra (aka Mme)


    Be sure to ask any question you may have about the use of the Imperfect vs. the Passé Composé.


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