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Big MATH Help needed

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An object at rest begins moving
horizontally on the x-axis, starting at position x(t) = 0 feet at time t = 0 seconds.Suppose, after exactly 2 seconds we measure the position of the
object to be 3 feet to the right of the origin AND measure the object to be moving to the leftward at a speed of 8 feet per second.

Caution: We do NOT know anything about the position or motion of the object, other than what we know at times t = 0
seconds and t = 2 seconds. So do NOT simply assume the object is moving at constant speed the whole time.

Goal of the Problem: Estimate the position of the object after 2.5 seconds:

(1) by writing a solution as if you were carefully and clearly
explaining it (without calculus) to someone who has NOT had
calculus AND

(2) by writing a solution (with calculus) using the ideas of

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