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Use properties of logarithms to find the exact value of each expression. Do not use a calculator.
8^log 8^5

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    let x = 8^log8^5

    I can't see a way to get an "exact" answer.
    by calculator I get appr 11963.5

    are you sure the base of the log is not 8 ?

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    Sorry, it says

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    then my above answer stands, no "exact" answer other than 8^log(8^5) itself

    log 8^5 = log 32768 = 4.515449...

    then 8^log (8^5)
    = 8^4.51449 = appr 11963.5

    I would get an 'exact' answer if the base of the log at the top had been 8.
    That is why I questioned your problem.

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