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Solve sin(x) = -0.36 on 0 le x lt 2pi

There are two solutions, A and B, with A < B and A and B in radians to 4 decimal places.

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    le= (less than or equal to)
    lt= (less than)

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    Here is how I do these.
    First I decide in which quadrant the angles are.
    Since sinx is negative, x must be in quads III or IV.
    I then find the angle in standard position by finding sin^-1 (+.36) which is
    .36826.. (in radians) or 21.1 degrees
    so x = pi + .36826 or x = 2pi - .36826

    in degrees x = 201.1 or 338.9

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    Thank you for your help!

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