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Pls how can I carry out qualitative analysis on iron 11 ammonium sulphate hexahydrate (NH4)2SO4.FeSO4.6H2O in a secondary school laboratory?

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    Put some sample of the salt in a dry test tube, and heat. You will observed that water vapour is giving out which turn white copper sulphate blue. That shows that the salt contain some water of crystalization.
    Add distilled(5cm3) water to some of the sample into a test tube and test it blue litmus paper. You will observed that d paper will turn red indecating that the solution is acidic
    add view drops of NaOH solution to the solution of the salt. You wil observed a dirty green ppt which is insoluble in excess NaOH. This confirm the present of iron II.........

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    Heat the salt in a clean dry test tube,vapour would be evolved which later codenze at the cool surface of the tube showing that the salt contain water of crystallization. Add abt 5cm3 of water to a small quantity of the salt shak it will dissolve and the it will blue litmus red.Divide the solution into 2,to d a portion add NaOH a dirty green ppt is formed indicating the presence of Fe2+ then heat the mixture a clouless gas with chocking smell wich turns red litmus blue is evolved.leave d mixture for abt 5min it turn brown idicating that Fe2+ has turn to confirm d presence of d second portion add BaCl a white ppt is formed SO42+,So32+, Co32+ is present then add dil HCl d ppt dissolved idicating So42+

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