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Posted by Jerald on Wednesday, April 3, 2013 at 7:16pm.

1.The cost of a soda at Paul's Pizza is $1.69. Refills are $0.45 each. Gabe ordered a cola and had it refilled 3 times. Which equation can be used to find d, the cost in dollars of Gabe's cola?

2.Ricky told Elias that the total number of goals scored in his soccer game was one less than twice as many in Elias' game. Elias knows that his team scored 5 goals. WHich equation could Elias use to find x, the number of goals Ricky's team scored?

3.Susan, Charlie, and Keisha ordered a large meatball sandwich for $6.75,3 drinks for $1.05 each, and 2 bags of chips for $0.95 each. If they split the cost equally, which equation can be used to find a, the amount in dollars and cents each person should pay not including tax?
A.a=(6.75+3 x 1.05 + 2 x 0.95)/3
B.a=6.75+(3 x 1.05 + 2 x 0.95)/3
C.a=3(6.75 + 1.05 + 0.95)/3

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