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Math - Please Answer ASAP

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A 182 cm tall man is digging a hole in the ground. He stops for a moment and says: "I am done with one quarter of the hole. When I finish the job the top of my head is going to be three times as far under the ground as far it is above the ground now." How deep is the hole going to be?

CORRECT answer is needed by April 14th, BY THE LATEST.

  • Math - Please Answer ASAP -

    d1 = 182cm above gnd.
    d2 = 3*182 = 546 cm below gnd.
    d3 = 182 cm from head to bottom of hole.

    D=d1 + d2 + d3=182 + 546 + 182=910 cm =
    Depth of the hole.

  • Math - Please Answer ASAP -


    D = d2 + d3 = 546 + 182 = 728 cm.

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