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Can someone check these sentences I need to prepare for tomorrow?
Thank you.

1) Troy has been at the BRIT School since he was 14. Before that he was in a normal secondary school.
2) Unlike in a normal secondary school, students at the BRIT study all the ordinary academic subjects, but they can specialize in the arts. Troy’s thing is theatre.
3) It’s hard to get a place at the BRIT school because it is free and a lot of people want to get in.
4) Some very talented students have studied here and there are quite a lot of famous ex-students. However, it is not a fame school. There are 800 students and they can’t all be stars.
5) First of all, they need to be sensible and keep their feet on the ground.
6) Troy has been trying to learn as much as possible while he is here, rather than dreaming about his future.
7) Most students are quite realistic and there aren’t too many people with big egos. They don’t think about fame and success all the time.
8) The most important thing the school has been teaching them since they started is to be creative and independent.
9) Stacey has learnt a lot of practical skills since she’s been here (??)

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