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Which of the following are accomplishments of the Incas? (1 point)

floating gardens
roads and aqueducts

All of the following contributed to the Spanish victory over the Aztecs except (1 point)

disease wiped out many of the Aztecs.
native Americans in the region resented paying tribute to the Aztecs.
the Spanish had horses and superior weapons.
the Spanish had more soldiers.


The first European colony in the Americas to win independence was
(1 point)


Two leaders who contributed to independence in South America were (1 point)

Miguel Hidalgo and Jose Morelos.
Jose de San Martín and Simón Bolívar.
Toussaint L'Ouverture and Bernardo O'Higgins.
Simón Bolívar and Prince Ferdinand.

Most of the caudillos who ruled Latin American countries after independence (1 point)

cared a great deal for the well being of the people of their countries.
tried to unite South America.
believed in liberal and democratic reform.
were concerned mainly with getting rich and holding power.

Copan and Tikal were cities that were part of (1 point)

Aztec civilization.
Mayan civilization.
Spanish civilization.
Incan civilization.

The Line of Demarcation was an imaginary line that divided control of the territory in the Americas between which two countries? (1 point)

England and France
Spain and Portugal
Incas and Aztecs
Mayas and Spain

When the price of oil rose in the 1980s, many Latin American countries (1 point)

made a great deal of money.
borrowed money from wealthy countries.
drilled for oil.
tried to develop other energy sources such as solar energy.

In recent times, many Latin American countries have tried to improve their economies by forming (1 point)

new companies.
trade organizations.
new banks.


Which of the following statements about foreign companies in Latin America was true?
(1 point)

Foreign companies often controlled the economies of Latin American countries.

Foreign companies offered good working conditions and opportunities to Latin American workers.

Foreign companies paid high wages to Latin American workers.

Foreign companies used most of their profits to help strengthen Latin American economies.

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