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pre calculus

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2. Graph the following function using transformations. Be sure to graph all of the stages on one graph. State the domain and range. y= -2 lxl +2

For example, if you were asked to graph y= x^2 + 1 using transformations, you would show the graph of y= x^2 and the graph shifted up 1 unit. Please show all work.

omg I feel so dumb because I don't understand this stuff, could someone please help me?

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    for excellent help with graphs. You can show up to 3 graphs at once, so you can play around with various adjustments and see how they alter the graphs.

    There's an instructions button for looking up names of common math functions, like abs(x) for absolute value.

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    evaluate: (1/121)x

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    steve....that site isn't working for me!
    Nicole....what do I do once I evaluate 1/121x?

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