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pre calculus

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1.)A utility company has the following rate schedule for natural gas usage in a city’s business district:
Monthly service charge: $8.80
Per therm service charge
1st 25 therms : $0.6686/therm
Over 25 therms: $0.85870/therm

(a) What is the charge for using 25 therms in one month?
(b) What is the charge for using 45 therms in one month?
(c) Construct a function that gives the monthly charge C for x therms of gas.

I am totally lost, can someone please show me how to do this???

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    is using x therms,
    f(x) = 8.80 + .6686x for 0<=x<=25

    25 therms cost $16.715, so
    f(x) = 8.80+16.715 + .85870x
    = 25.515 + .85870x for 25<x

    now just plug in values for x, using the appropriate function

  • pre calculus -

    what do you mean when you say, "the appropriate function?" what function are you referring to?

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    I mean to where I have to graph the following function using transformations. And have to be sure to graph all of the stages on 1 graph. Then I have to state the domain and range.

  • pre calculus -

    f(x) = 8.80+0.6686x for 0 < x <= 25
    f(x) = 25.515+0.85870(25-x) for x > 25

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