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A computer technician keeps track of his earnings throughout each month. the technician observes that his earnings are a linear function of the number of hours he works during the month. The technician finds that when he works 55 hours during the month, he earn $2,125 and when he works 30 hours, he earns $585

Part A: Write a linear function to model the relationship between the number of hours worked and the money earned.

Function _____________

Part B: Explain the meaning of slope in the context of the problem.


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    by working 25 extra hours, he earned $1540 more. That's $61.60/hr

    So, his pay for x sours is

    p(x) = 61.6x-1263

    the slope is the rate of change ($ per hour), or his hourly rate.

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    Where did you get 1263 from>?

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    yea whered you get 1263 from?

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    Plug the slope of 61.6, y of 585 and an x of 30 to get the y-intercept of -1263 which is b. So your formula would be y = 61.6x - 1263 for this problem.

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