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A company has two printers. Printer A prints a pages per minute, and Printer B prints b pages per minute. When Printer A prints for 3 minutes and Printer B prints 5 minutes, a total of 70 pages are printed. When Printer A prints for 6 minutes and Printer B prints for 9 minutes, a total of 135 pages are printed. This situation is represented by this system of equations.
3a + 5b = 70
6a + 9b = 135
How many pages per minute does Printer A print?
F. 5
G. 11
H. 15
I. 30

  • Algebra -

    Multiply Eq1 by -9, and multiply Eq2 by 5:

    -27a - 45b = 630
    +30a + 45b = 675
    3a = 45
    a = 15.

  • Algebra -

    Correction: Eq1 = -630.

  • Algebra -

    A printer prints 2 photos each minute. Let "P" be the number of photos printed in "M" minutes. Write an equation relating "P" to "M". then graph your answer.~~~~~~~(I cant graph the answer but I can do the equation. Kinda... Sometimes...Most of the time at least.)


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