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X^2+ + 2e- -> X(s) E=1.73V
Y^2+ + 2e- -> Y(s) E=0.40v

Which pair of species would react under standard conditions?
X^2+ and Y^2+
X and Y^2+
X and Y
X^2+ and Y

Would it be X and Y because the E is positive?

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    I don't think X + Y will be positive. In fact they won't react at all.
    X^2+ + Y ==> X + Y^2+ 1.73-0.40 = +?

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    So would it be X^2+ and Y^2+?

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    No. How do you get a reaction out of X^2 + Y^2?
    X^2+ + 2e ==> X
    Y^2+ + 2e = Y
    Both of them are being reduced. In a reaction an oxidation is ALWAYS accompanied with a reduction.
    So X and Y won't react.
    X^2+ + Y^2+ won't react.
    The only possibilities are the second and fourth choices and I gave you the right choice in my first response.

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