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Mexico's Central Plateau is an important region because (1 point)

it is a mountainous region where few people live, but minerals are mined.
most of the country's people live there.
it is a place where active volcanoes and earthquakes make life difficult.
it has a climate that is pleasant and therefore attracts many tourists.

When El Niņo warms the Pacific Ocean, (1 point)

plants grow.
fishing improves.
it does not affect weather on land.
the fishing industry suffers.

Some Caribbean islands are formed from the tops of underwater mountains while others are formed from (1 point)

earthquakes and hurricanes.
the skeletons of tiny sea animals.
active volcanoes.
high, flat plateaus.

The tropical wet and dry climate of the Caribbean is good for farming (1 point)

bananas and sugarcane.
potatoes and tea.
alfalfa and wheat.
corn and apples.

The long mountain chain that runs along the west coast of South America is called the (1 point)

Sierra Nevada.
Sierra Madre.

The Amazon River Basin is home to (1 point)

the rolling highlands called pampas.
South America's gauchos.
the largest tropical rain forest in the world.
the world's biggest volcano.

Among the factors that affect climate in Latin America are (1 point)

earthquakes, hurricanes, and volcanoes.
elevation, the equator, and wind patterns.
vegetation, elevation, and earthquakes.
El Niņo, hurricanes, and volcanoes.

Two South American countries that produce coffee as a key crop are (1 point)

Brazil and Colombia.
Mexico and Cuba.
Paraguay and Argentina.
Nicaragua and Chile.

To reduce their reliance on one natural resource or crop, many Latin American nations have begun to (1 point)

increase exports.
reduce imports.
depend more on oil.
diversify their economies.


The drop in oil prices in the 1980s probably helped to convince Venezuela to
(1 point)

import more oil.

increase its use of hydroelectricity.

diversity its economy

stop pumping oil.

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