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Sketch y=|(x-1)(x-3)| and y=|x^2-4x| .
I don't know how to sketch the graphs :(

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    in your previous post I showed you how to graph the absolute value of linear function.
    The same concept is true for the above quadratics

    for y=|(x-1)(x-3)|
    You will have two parabolas, one is
    y = (x-1)(x-3) the other is y = -(x-1)(x-3)
    one will open up , the other will open down
    They both have the same x-intercepts of 1 and 3
    So sketch both of them, then erase the part of both of them that lies below the x-axis.
    Do the same for the second equation.
    They will have similar shapes, except the second has x-intercepts of 2 and -2

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    i still don't really understand. How can i sketch y=(x-1)(x-3) and y=-(x-1)(x-3) ? what is the coordinate?

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