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Homework Help: 7th Grade Social Studies

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Where is the District of Columbia located? (2 points)

in Georgia
in North Carolina
between the states of Maryland and Virginia
in the West

What factor contributed to Chicago's rise as a steel-making and manufacturing center in the late 1800s? (2 points)

Railroads were built.
The population increased.
Corporate farms declined.
Mixed-crop farms increased.

How did the California Gold Rush affect the region? (2 points)

Few towns developed.
The population quickly increased.
People quickly returned to the East.
People did not develop the area's natural resources.

Which statement best describes the government of Canada? (2 points)

The monarch of Britain has total control over Canada.
The Canadian parliament is ruled by the United States.
Canada has complete power over its own government.
The prime minister is the monarch of Canada.

What happened after Canada advertised free land in European newspapers in the late 1800s and early 1900s? (2 points)

Immigration decreased.
Immigration increased.
People left Canada for Europe.
Canadians moved from the farms to the cities.

Why did the way of life of many indigenous people in the Plains region of North America end in the late 1870s? (2 points)

European descendants built factories on their land.
European descendants began moving from Canada back to their homelands.
European descendants began schools to educate them.
European descendants began killing off the buffalo herds.

In 1858, what event significantly changed life on Vancouver Island? (2 points)

the establisment of small trading villages
the discovery of a trade route to the Pacific Ocean
the discovery of gold along the Fraser River
the arrival of Russian explorers

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