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Grammar (Ms. Sue)

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I apologize for asking the same question, but I misunderstood the directions.

The following sentences are written in the present tense. Rewrite each sentence in each of the other five tenses.

1). I collect.
2). You split.
3). They teach.
4). We give.
5). It remains.

My answers:
1). Past: I collected.
Future: I will collect.
Present perfect: I have collected.
Past perfect: I had collected.
Future perfect: I will have collected.

2). Past: You split.
Future: You will split.
Present perfect: You have split.
Past perfect: You had split.
Future perfect: You will have split.

3). Past: They taught.
Future: They will teach.
Present perfect: They have taught.
Past perfect: They had taught.
Future perfect: They will have taught.

4). Past: We gave.
Future: We will give.
Present perfect: We have given.
Past perfect: We had given.
Future: We will have given.

5). Past: It remained.
Future: It will remain.
Present perfect: It has remained.
Past perfect: It had remained.
Future perfect: It will have remained.

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    Right. :-)

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