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Homework Help: Social Studies Ms. Sue please

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Sorry there are so many questions!!!!

The economic centers of the Northeast are the region's __________. (1 point)


Two major ports in the South are ______________________. (1 point)

Atlanta and Dalton
Raleigh and Austin
Miami and New Orleans
New York City and Philadelphia

What is the biggest city in the American heartland? (1 point)

St. Louis
Kansas City

Settlers first came to the West because of the region's _____________. (1 point)

natural resources
manufactured goods
sources of energy

For the past few decades, the population of the Sun Belt has been _________________. (1 point)

staying the same
moving to the Northeast

The largest cultural group living in Quebec today are the descendants of _______________________. (1 point)

British settlers
French colonists
Spanish explorers
the Iroquois

What is the Canadian Shield? (1 point)

the official symbol of the Canadian government
the Northeast
a rugged land mass in northern Canada
the name of the Canadian southern federation

Immigrants from Central and Eastern Europe came to the Canadian Plains in the late 1800s and early 1900s in response to an offer of _______________________. (1 point)

free transportation to Canada
free land in the Prairie Provinces
an education for their children
jobs in factories

Which natural resources have greatly influenced the economy of the Atlantic Provinces? (1 point)

gold and silver
coal and natural gas
water and oil
water and wood

How did life in Acadia change between 1755 and 1763? (1 point)

People of French descent were exiled.
Britain surrendered its claim to the land.
French became the official language.
Indigenous peoples were exiled.

In 1858, what event significantly changed life on Vancouver Island? (1 point)

the establishment of a small trading village
the discovery of a trade route to the Pacific Ocean
the discovery of gold along the Fraser River
the arrival of Russian explorers

A large part of the Nunavut's population is made up of ___________. (1 point)

the Cree
the Inuit
the French
the British

My answers:
1. cities
2. Miami and New Orleans
3. Chicago
4. natural resources
5. rising
6. French colonists
7. a rugged land mass in northern Canada
8. free land in the Prairie Provinces
9. water and wood
10. People of French descent were exiled.
11. the discovery of gold along the Fraser River
12. the Inuit

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