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Homework Help: Grammar (Ms. Sue)

Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at 7:51pm.

The following sentences are written in the present tense. Rewrite each sentence in each of the other five tenses.

1). I collect.
2). You split.
3). They teach.
4). We give.
5). It remains.

My answers:
1). Past: I collected Vanessa from her Seminary class.
Future: I will collect the kindling for the fire.
Present perfect: The berries I have collected will only keep a couple of days, anyways.
Past perfect: I had collected a few types of the herbs my mother had taught me to heal with.
Future perfect: I will have collected enough pine needles to make comfortable covering over the cold, hard ground.

2). Past: "I watched as you split the arrow in two," he said.
Future: You will split the final remains of the greens and smoked fish equally.
Present perfect: I've noticed you have split away from your group.
Past perfect: You had split the cake already.
Future perfect: You will have split your pants by now, if I hadn't sticked them.

3). Past: They taught about many historical events.
Future: They will teach about Greek Mythology the following week.
Present perfect: They have taught serveral children to swim this summer.
Past perfect: They had taught about the different types of stars in the Astronomy class.
Future perfect: They will have taught the entire subject by the end of the year.

4). Past: We gave donantions to the orphanage.
Future: We will give our graditude at the ceremony.
Present perfect: We have given them several oppurtunities to prove themseleves trust-worthly.
Past perfect: We had given them our last bit of food.
Future perfect: I will have given my life to save his own.

5). Past: It remained a mystery to where you had disappeared to.
Future: It will remain your duty to choose which side you stand to fight for.
Present perfect: It has remained a sacred monument for over a decade.
Past perfect: It had remained submerged in the deep depths of the ocean for decades.
Future: It will have remained undiscovered if not for the sudden erosion.

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