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2. Read the following excerpt from “All Together Now”:

What can parents do? We can put our faith in young people as a positive force. I have yet to find a racist baby. Babies come into the world as blank as slates and, with their beautiful innocence, see others not as different but as enjoyable companions. Children learn ideas and attitudes from the adults who nurture them. I absolutely believe that children do not adopt prejudices unless they absorb them from their parents or teachers.

What would be a good question to ask about Jordan’s comment that she has “yet to find a racist baby”?

Does Jordan believe babies can be racist?
How do babies tend to view their parents?
How does Jordan believe children become prejudiced?

3. What phrase from the excerpt helps indicate Jordan is making an appeal to emotion?

"adopt prejudices"
"beautiful innocence"
"ideas and attitudes"

my answers

2. c
3. a

  • ms. sue plz help -

    I agree with your first answer, but not your second.

  • ms. sue plz help -

    Iwould think on 3, beautiful innoncence is an emotional term, without much factual meaning.

  • ms. sue plz help -

    ok so 3 b

  • ms. sue plz help -


  • ms. sue plz help -


  • ms. sue plz help -

    kk thx

  • ms. sue plz help -


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