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 Which 0.10M solution below has the lowest pH?

a) NaCl          b) KCN          c) LiF          d)  RbClO     e)  all have the same pH​

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    a. neither Na^+ nor Cl^- are hydrolyzed; therefore, the pH is just that of pure H2O which is pH = 7.

    b. KCN the CN^- is hydrolyzed.
    CN^- + HOH ==> HCN + OH^- so you know it will be basic. You can calculate the actual pH but that isn't necessary.

    c. LiF the F^- is hydrolyzed.
    F^- + HOH ==> HF + OH^- so you know this will be basic. It isn't necessary to calculate pH but you could do so.

    d. RbClO. ClO^- is hydrolyzed.
    ClO^- + HOH ==> HClO + OH^- and this one will be basic. You can calculate pH of this solution, also, but it isn't necessary.
    So which has the lowest pH (the most acidic--least basic)?

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