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MATH, 3rd time i posted this

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can someone please help me, i posted this like 3 times. i need help on a couple of questions. I did all my other questions but i need a lot of help with the word problems...

1. The side length of a small square is s. A larger square has a perimeter of 124.8 cm. Its sides are 3.2 cm longer than those of the small square.
a) represent the situation with an equation of the form a(x + b) = c. Then determine the side length of the smaller square.

b.) verify your solution by using a model.

2. Valerie bought five packages of golf balls on sale for $29.50. Each package had a discount of $2.75. Write and solve an equation to determine the regular price of each package.

thanks :)

  • MATH, 3rd time i posted this -

    I read it and thought it was a lot to do about nothing.

    side of larger square = 124.8/4= 31.2
    31.2 is 3.2 longer than the side of the smaller square
    so the side of the smaller square is 28

    Make a model ??


    each golfball package costs 29.5/5 = $5.90
    This $5.90 was after a discount of $2.75
    So the regular price of one package was 5.90+2.75 = $8.65

    Asking to write the above as an equation, when there is no need for it, makes students dislike math.

  • MATH, 3rd time i posted this -

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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