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algebra 1

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the population of a city can be modeled using the equation p=40,000x(9/10)^x. one year the population was 23620. what was the following population a year later.

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    So let's solve

    40,000x(9/10)^x = 23620

    I will assume that the x after 40,000 is supposed to be a multiplication sign and not a variable,
    If it is a variable you have an completely ridiculously hard equation to solve,
    If we take it as
    40,000(9/10)^x = 23620
    then x = 5 is a solution, (too nice not be be that way)
    so we want the population when x = 6
    P = 40000((9/10)^6
    = 21258

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    o i get it thank you

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