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aig math

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When 306 stamps were shared among Pat, Kyle, and Ryan, Pat got twice as many stamps as what Kyle and Ryan got together. If Kyle got 18 stamps more than Ryan, how many stamps did Ryan get? Don't forget to show your work.

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    Pat= x , Kyle= y, Ryan= z

    x+y+z= 306

    2x= y+z


    So from here, you just plug the equations into each other...

    2x= y+z
    so, 2x= (z+18)+z
    so, 2x= 2z+18
    so, x= (2z+18) /2

    Then you plug this in to the equation: x+y+z= 306

    So... (2z+18) /2 + (z+18) + z = 306
    Then, 4z+38 = 612
    4z = 576
    z or Ryan= 144 stamps

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