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Discrete Math

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(2) Suppose A is the set of students currently registered at the University of Calgary, B is the set of professors at the University of Calgary, and C is the set of courses currently being offered at the University of Calgary. Under what conditions is each of the following a function. Explain your answers.

(a) {(a, b) | a is taking a course from b} - This is not a function unless each student at the University of Calgary has just one professor, for if student a is taking courses from professor b1 and b2, the given set contains (a, b1) and (a, b2).

(b) {(a, c) | a’s first class each week is in c} – Yes, but explain why, please

(c) {(a, c) | a has a class in c on Friday afternoon}

I don't understand this at all, can someone put it in (a, c), (a, c) form.

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    A do not now

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