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Chemistry: check answers

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Please check. Thank you.

What is the reduction half-reaction for the following unbalanced redox equation?
Cr2O72– + NH4+ Cr2O3 + N2

A.) Cr2O3 -> Cr2O72–
B.) Cr2O72– -> Cr2O3
C.) NH4+ -> N2
D.) N2 -> NH4+

Which oxidation-reduction reactions are best balanced by the half-reaction method?

A.) covalent reactions
B.) acid-base reactions
C.) ionic reactions
D.) intermolecular reactions

Thank You.

  • Chemistry: check answers -

    what are your answers?

  • Chemistry: check answers -

    2. B 3. C

  • Chemistry: check answers -

    wrong, and wrong.

  • Chemistry: check answers -

    I'm really trying to figure this out. Is it D for number 2 and B for number 3? I know you already explained it once and if i'm wrong, any additional help would be greatly appreciated.

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