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Posted by Amy on Friday, March 22, 2013 at 10:39am.

1. Application means to:
A. memorize the concepts, ideas, or vocabulary learned.
B. judge the merit or value of the information.
C. use the knowledge learned to understand actual situations.
D. breaking the idea down to component parts.

is it C

2. Evaluation in Bloom's taxonomy is considered a(n):
A. lower-order critical thinking skill.
B. higher-order critical thinking skill.
C. criteria for judging a course.
D. stage in the problem-solving process.

is it C

3. "Should I apply for a job or go for an internship?" is an example of which stage in the problem-solving process?
A. Gathering information
B. Implementing a plan of action
C. Interpreting information
D. Defining a problem

is it C

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