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Condition Pressure Volume Temperature Comment
initial 1.0 atm 22.4 L 273 K 1 mole of N2 gas fills the tank.
final 3.0 atm 22.4 L 273 K 2 moles of O2 gas have been added to the 1
mole of N2 gas in the tank.
Key Questions
7. What was the initial pressure caused by the nitrogen in the tank?
8. What amount of pressure do you think the nitrogen contributed to the final total pressure?
Explain your reasoning.
9. If the sum of the pressure due to the nitrogen and the pressure due to the oxygen must equal
the total pressure, what is the oxygen pressure in the model? Explain your reasoning.
10. What fraction of the pressure is due to oxygen?
11. What is the oxygen mole fraction in the tank?
12. What is the relationship between the oxygen pressure ratio in Key Question 10 and the
oxygen mole fraction in Key Question 11? Express this relationship in the form of an

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