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The circle x2-2x+y2-4y-4=0 lies on the cartesian plane,question 2.1.1 equation of new circle which is the rotation of original circle through 180 degree around the origin...2.1.2 find equation of another circle which is the translation (x;y)-(x-8;y-6) of the points of the original circle..2.2 equation of a circle is x2+y2-8x+16y=15...2.2.1 prove that the point (2;-9) is on the circle...2.2.2 determine an equation of the tangent to the circle at the point (2;-9)...2.3 calculate the length of the tangent AB drawn from the point A(6;4) to the circle with equation (x-3)squared+(y+1)squared=10

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