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Homework Help: basic english makeup

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1.Which of the following is not a key consideration when developing a piece of writing?

A.The timeliness of the message
B.The purpose of the message
C.The intended audience
D.The format of the message

2.In which of these sentences is the punctuation incorrect?

A.My brother,who works for the government, was just promoted.
B.Listen, oh listen,to the song of the lark.
C.I perfer my eggs scrambled,poached,or sunny side up.
D.Well we should get started on our project.

3.Which of the following is not a ture statement regarding the writing process?
A.It can be instrumental in developing a quality paper

B.It can be used to develop any type of writing.
C.It can guide the author from planning through the final draft.
D.It can be used only for research projects.

4.In which of the following sentences is the comma used correctly?
A.Johnson is my attorney, he finally broke the silence.

B.Frieda packed her suitecase with clothing,accessories and paperback books.
C.Giving it their best,none of the swimmers brok John Gore's record.
D.Patrick,the star player is the only freshman on the team.

5.The pricipal parts of a verb are

A.base form,past tense, past participe,future tense.
B.base form,helping verb,past participe.
C.present tense, present participle, past tense, part participle.
D.present tense, past tense, future tense.

6.In which sentence is a homonym used correctly?

A.I would not want to be there mother.
B.He could not break quickly enough to aviod the accident.
C.Wherever you go,their you are.
D.He replaced the brake lining.

7.A run-on sentence is a group of words with predicate.
B.a compound predicate and subject.
C.two or more sentences written as one. subject .

8.In which sentence is a homophone used correctly?

A.How many ours we have to wait?
B.The old miner was lost in the desert.
C.If you ask me, there'sno hobby like fishing.
D.Karen's new dog had flees.

9.which one of the following sentences includes an error in subjet-verb agreement?

A.Laverne, who's married, and Shirley, who's single, both walk their dogs.
B.Carrie and Lucille work in the cafeteria.
C.Neither Hannibal nor her pups is in the kitchen.
D.Either June or her children are going to the movies tonight.

10.In which sntence do you find subject-verb agreement?

A.Where is your keys to my car.
B.Neither the clarinets nor the trumpets plays the melody correctly.
C.Farley or Farley's brother is helping me with the project.
D.If you look carefully, you'll see tomatoes is on the aisle.

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