March 28, 2015

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Posted by Delilah on Wednesday, March 20, 2013 at 9:07pm.

Drought, fewer plants, and fewer nesting sites are examples of __________. (1 point)

limiting factors
biotic factors
abiotic factors
population density

As you move from level to level in an energy pyramid, energy ____. (1 point)

stays at the same level
is destroyed

The part of Earth that supports life is a(n) ____. (1 point)


An owl preys on mice. This is an example of predation. Which of the following is true? (1 point)

This limits the mice population.
This increases the carrying capacity for owls.
This increases the population density of mice.
This is a form of parasitism.

My answers:
1. limiting factors
2. decreases
3. biosphere
4. This limits the mice population.

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