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Find the pH:
1) A 0.001M solution of HCl
2) A 7.98 x 10^-2 M solution of HNO3
3) 1098L of a solution containing 8.543moles of HBr
4) 120mL of a solution containing 0.005 grams of hydrochloric acid.

Please help me with these four. Out of 20 questions i only didn't understand these four is that good or bad:(? Please help step by step so i can understand:)

Thanks a bunch!!!!!!!!:D

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    1) HCl is a strong acid meaning that it is 100% ionized. Therefore,
    pH = -log(HCl) = -lo(H^+) = ?

    2) HNO3 is also a strong acid. This problem is worked the same way as number one.

    3) Again, HBr is a strong acid. mols HBr = grams/molar mass. Then M = mols/L

    4) Number four is worked the same as number three.

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