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1) What is the vapor pressure at 25°C of a solution of 1.20g ofnephtalene C10H8 in 25.6g of benzone C6H6? The vapor pressure of pure benzene at 23°C is 86.0mmHg the vapor pressure of naphthalene can be neglected. Calculate the vapor pressure lowering of the solution.

2)A solution was prepared by dissolving 0.834g of sulfur, S8in 100.0g of acetic acid HC2H3O2. Calculate the freezing point and the boiling point of the solution.

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    mols naphthalene = grams/molar mass
    mols benzene = grams/molar
    Xnaph = nnaphth/total mols.

    delt P = Xnaphth*Po benzene.

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