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Posted by Sarah on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 11:07pm.

This week you will analyze the computational complexity of the game you select. A good way to do this is to determine the steps of the game in the algorithm format from Week 4 and figure out how many steps it could take at maximum to finish the game. Include this analysis in the report using the guidelines below.

Include the following in your report:

A brief explanation of the computing concepts to be modeled
A brief explanation of how the game functions if you created the game
A brief explanation of the original game on which you have based your assignment if the game already exists
A brief explanation of how the game was integrated with the concepts of computing if the game already exists
Three scenarios of game play, including:
The setup of the game
The desired outcome
A sample game for each scenario
Your submission will be evaluated on the following criteria:

The adaptability of the game chosen to the week's topic
The extent to which the game and the computing concepts integrate
The quality of the work submitted by you
The completeness of each week's report

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