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Word box abduct ambiguous balk compact confer earmark frigid implement incalculable indisputable intensive maneuver sabotage scant stealthy strapping strident thrive titanic valiant

3.The millionaire has hired special guards to make sure that his children will not be ___

6.When our team saw their ____ 200 pound defensive lineman we realized that we would have a hard time running against them

7.In your training to become a dental assistant you will become familiar with many of the ___ that dentists use

12.In Shakespeare's words, "Cowards die many times before their deaths; the ____ never taste death but once

13.I was amazed to see how skillfully Felicia ___ that huge car though the heavy downtown traffic

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    All are correct.

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    15.The president will ___ well deserved honors on the retiring ambassador

    18.The breakdown of all these machines at the same time cannot simply be a coincidence we suspect deliberate _____

    19.Since the time we have to prepare for the final exams is exceedingly ___ we had better make the best of every hour

    20.As the day of the big game approached our practice sessions became more and more __ scant

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    I'm not sure about 19. Compact may be the best word -- but there may be a better word.

    20. is wrong.

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    intensive for #20

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    # 20 is intensive

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