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Language Arts

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Help Ms. Sue! Please check if I'm correct on this question.

* Which of the sentences below is the best option for a thesis statement?

A.) An after-school program at the community center might involve classes, sports, and other activities in which children can take part.

B.)I think young children should have a club or activity to go to after school to keep them from getting into trouble.

C.) In our city, many young children have nothing to keep them occupied after school.

D.) Although it will take time and effort, developing an after-school program at the community center will help children stay out of trouble.

I think it's B

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    I disagree.

    Study this site and see if you can come up with a better thesis.

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    I disagree. Besides, it is a sentence that I'd expect from a 3rd grader who is just learning to write paragraphs.

    Ditch "I think" --

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    Oh OK I was asking it for homework help and it was an abcd question. I'm thinking it might be D then

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    Or C

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    Which one? D or C?

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