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I have posted this over 3 times and I just want to know if I did the 2nd part correctly with v. Do you multiply it by 10 for 10 cubes or 32 for 32 sides for all of them. Can anyone please help, I just want to learn the correct way to do this. Thanks!
The Homework question is: There is a picture with stacked cubes that are each 2inches.
++++ +=the pic i have of cubes=(+=2in cube)
Each side of a cube in the diagram measures 2 inches. What is the total surface area and volume of the solid?
I did A=s squared A=2 squared
A= 4inch squared
SA= 4(36)= 144inch squared
v=2(2)10 = 40 inch cubed
is this correct?
These are the numbers I got to plug into the formula
front and back of the tower=20
side=4 bottom=4 side#2=4 top=4
all together =36, this is how I came up with my numbers. Hopefully, I did it correctly. Thanks for checking this

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    No, it is very wrong. If there are 10 cubes (I count 11 in the picture), the volume is 10x the volume of a single cube. The volume is not 2*2

    For SA, count the faces showing on all sides. Did you count the bottom faces?

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    When you count all the faces it is 36.
    I used that for the Sa=s^2(times the number of faces on all sides)

    but the V=bh is where I am confused
    V=s^3 I used2 giving me 8in^3
    so now when you plug in8 in the equation
    TV=8(10) is this correct or is this where it would be 8(36)
    36 being all the cubes surfaces???
    Thank you for trying to help explain this to me, if you can actually understand what I wrote

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    tv=80, if in fact the edges of the cubes are 2, and there are 10 of them.

    I cant count the faces, as I do not know how they are stacked.

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    ok thank you.
    They were supposed to be10, 2 inch cubes but i didn't know another way to draw them.
    Thank you for the help

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