April 18, 2014

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Posted by Es- CAN ANYONE HELP? on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 8:48am.

I have posted this over 3 times and I just want to know if I did the 2nd part correctly with v. Do you multiply it by 10 for 10 cubes or 32 for 32 sides for all of them. Can anyone please help, I just want to learn the correct way to do this. Thanks!
The Homework question is: There is a picture with stacked cubes that are each 2inches.
++++ +=the pic i have of cubes=(+=2in cube)
Each side of a cube in the diagram measures 2 inches. What is the total surface area and volume of the solid?
I did A=s squared A=2 squared
A= 4inch squared
SA= 4(36)= 144inch squared
v=2(2)10 = 40 inch cubed
is this correct?
These are the numbers I got to plug into the formula
front and back of the tower=20
side=4 bottom=4 side#2=4 top=4
all together =36, this is how I came up with my numbers. Hopefully, I did it correctly. Thanks for checking this

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