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Cultural Anthropology

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In a band society, who would most likely be responsible for punishing a murderer

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    What do you think?

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    Hello Ms Sue. How are you? I am actually reading now. However, I am more leaning to A. Is this correct? Thank you. Anna

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    How do I know? You didn't post any answer choices!

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    Sorry. That is a sodality member.

    Also: Supernatural connections to political leadership are most closely associated with:
    A. bands.

    B. tribes.

    C. chiefdoms.

    D. states.

    I chose C.

    2/ It is often difficult to identify who the leader is in a foraging society because:
    A. you can't tell who is the oldest person.

    B. the leader will not wear a leadership insignia or live in special housing.

    C. leadership varies depending on what types of decisions need to be made.

    D. outward indicators of wealth are difficult to observe.

    I chose D.

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    Ms Sue, are my answers correct pls? Thanks.

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