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I could use some help please.
Ammmonia, NH3, can be made by reacting Nitrogen with Hydrogen.

How many moles of NH3 can be made if 7.5 moles of H2 react eith enough N2?

Thank-you in advance for any help

  • Chemistry -

    N2 + 3 H2 -> 2 NH3
    Just use their stoichiometric coefficients (number before the chemical's name) from the balanced chemical reaction to make ratios and solve for the unknown. In this case, 2 moles of NH3 are produced for every 3 moles of H2. Thus,
    7.5 moles H2 x (2 moles NH3 / 3 moles H2) = 5 moles NH3

    Hope this helps~ :)

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