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Homework Help: Math- PLEASE HELP

Posted by Bri on Sunday, March 17, 2013 at 4:43pm.

MS Wilkens went to the gas station to fill her car. Her gas tank is 20% full.
The cost of gas is $4.29 per gallon. How much will itcost to fill the tank? Use the conversion 1 gallon=231 in cubed.
They showed a pic. of a tank with length=1.75ft
width=1.25 ft
height=11 in
I did v=bh
v=lwh v=1.75(1.25)11 v=24.0625 ft cubed

12 in=1ft
24.0625(12)=288.75 in cubed
288.75 in cubed/213 in cubed= 1.25 gallons
now I am cunfused

80% of 1.25= gallons left to fill tank
.80(125)= 1 gallon left to fill tank
1 gallon =$4.29 It will cost$4.29 to fill the tank
PLEASE HELP, did I do this correctly.

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