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The coil of a generator has a radius of 0.12 m. When this coil is unwound, the wire from which it is made has a length of 5.8 m. The magnetic field of the generator is 0.21 T, and the coil rotates at an angular speed of 26 rad/s. What is the peak emf of this generator?

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    Use the information on wire length and radius to get the number of turns, N.

    5.8 meters = 2*pi*R*N
    N = 7.7 Let's call it 7 turns. The other 0.7 m might be used for connections.

    Maximum Flux = Phi = N*B*A
    = 7*0.21*pi*R^2
    = 0.067 Webers

    Peak EMF = w*Phi= 1.7 volts
    where w is the angular velocity of the coil.

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