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Posted by ES on Saturday, March 16, 2013 at 10:02pm.

I asked this earlier today but did not get help. Can you please let me know if this question is done properly? Thank you
Camern is wrapping a present. She does not want any left over wrapping paper. How much wrapping paper does she need to buy. The length of the box is 15in,
the width is 3in and the height in 7 in.
I did it this way.
front and back(height)
SA=210in squared
Sides( width)= SA=lw*2
SA=3(7)2= 42 in squared
Top and bottom(length
SA=90in squared

Total surface area is SA=210=42=90=342in squared
SHe must buy 342 in squared of wrapping paper
Did I do all the steps correctly.

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