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0.25mol of CO are mixed with 0.90mol of H2 and heated to 950 degrees celcius in a 15L flask at equilibrium 0.190mol of H2O were present, what is the concentration of the other reactants and products at equilibrium and what is Kc

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    Are you sure this is the equation?
    (CO) = 0.25/15 L = about 0.0167M
    (H2) = 0.90/15 L = about 0.06 M

    ........CO + H2 ==> H2O + C

    (H2O) = 0.190/15 L = about 0.0127 = x
    Then 0.0167-x = ?
    and 0.060-x = ?

    Substitute into Kc expression and solve for Kc.

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