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A truck with 48-in.-diameter wheels is traveling at 55 mi/h.

Find the angular speed of the wheels in rad/min, *hint convert miles to inches & hours to minutes: __rad/min

How many revolutions per minute do the wheels make?__ rpm

  • trigonometry - ,

    radius of wheel = 24 inches
    one rotation = 2π(24) = 48π inches

    in 1 hour it goes 55 miles
    = 55x5280x12 inches
    = 3484800 inches

    number of rotations per hour
    = 3484800/(48π) = 23109.29774 rotations per hour
    = 385.155 rpm

    = 385.155x(2π) radians /min
    = 2420 radians/min

    check my arithmetic

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