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1. in a study examining preschoolers' responses to their peers distress, researchers used ___ to record each instance in which a child cried, followed by other children's reactions.
a. time sampling b. systematic collection c. event sampling d. structured observation

2.according erickson, children learn how to cooperate with other during the ____ stage.
a. basic trust versus mistrust b. autonomy versus shame and doubt c. initiative versus guilt d. industry versus inferiority

3. a correlation coefficient can range in value from
a. +1.00 to -1.00 b. -1.00 to 0 c. 0 to +1.00 d. -100 to +100

4. according to freud the ___ works to reconcile the demand of the the ____ and the
a. id; ego; superego
b. superego;id;ego
c. ego;id;superego
d. id;conscience; subconscience

5. a criticism of the information-processing approach is that it
a. compare children's answers to different halves of the same test
b. lacks scientific research
c. focuses on creativity and imagination, while ignoring other mental process
d. views children as blank slates.

6. during the middle of the twentieth century, north american psychology was dominated by
a. evoluntionary theory b. cognitive development c. neuroscience d. behaviorism

7. british philosopher john locke viewed the child as
a. tainted by the original sin b. a tabula rasa c. a noble savage d. an active, purposeful being.

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